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Hey guys, thanks for stopping by. The main aim of Phworks.org is to look at common health ailments that afflict us and to discuss viable ways to manage and hopefully overcome these issues. We will also cover more general topics like fitness and eating tips, basically anything you can think of that can be classified as health related will have a place here.

Who Am I?

I’m Jeremy. Just a regular guy who’s a bit of a health and fitness nut. I’m no medical expert or great intellectual, you could say I’m in fact the complete opposite. To put it nicely.. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. Which is why I started this blog. You see, I’m subscribed to many different health and fitness blogs but always had difficulty understanding some of the more complex articles. This website is my way of breaking things down in a much more simplified and easier to understand way.

Occasionally there will be posts from my much more intelligent wife, Sarah. After much nagging and begging she has agreed to help out by covering topics for the ladies, an area I’m completely clueless about.

I also welcome any suggestions on topics which you would like me to cover. Or maybe you’d like to also contribute an article or two. Just simply shoot me a quick mail to jeremy@phworks.org.

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